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MBAs need a fresh set of skills for the 21st century

Originally written by Kendall Roth, and published on Financial Times If the goal of the MBA programme is to develop tomorrow’s business leaders, then business schools need to think harder about what that future will be. Many will say that this future is international, and the challenge of increasing globalisation is one that students and […]

Hiding From Managers Can Increase Your Productivity

Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Ethan S. Bernstein explains why decreasing workplace transparency can increase productivity. Originally written by Carmen Nobel, from Harvard Business School Companies all over the world have striven for transparency in the workplace, literally tearing down walls in an effort to let managers and employees observe each other. Take, for example, […]

The B-School Class of 2015: By The Numbers

Originally written by John A. Byrne* A portrait of the incoming class of MBA students This year’s incoming class at the Top 10 MBA programs in the U.S. is an extraordinary bunch, arguably one of the most talented and skilled classes of MBA students to ever enter business school. For one thing, nine out of […]

When 3+1 is more than 4

In a famous scene from the film “Jerry Maguire,” NFL wide receiver Rod Tidwell repeatedly screams, “Show me the money!” as his agent listens on the other end of the telephone. Intuition might tell us that showing the money motivates, and that increasing an employee’s salary should correspondingly boost his or her motivation. It does […]

Why Inventors Become Entrepreneurs

According to an early and frequently quoted aerodynamic model, bumblebees cannot possibly fly. Of course, any entomologist or gardener knows that the fuzzy insects make it into the air with great success; the model simply had it wrong. As with bees, so it is with business. Researchers have long held the conceit that innovative entrepreneurship […]

Harvard’s Clay Christensen: The Wrong Kind of Innovation

The Harvard Business School professor who coined the term “disruptive innovation” explains that the very way Americans think about finance could be rusting up the economic engine. If you’ve been to business school, this definition likely means something to you: “Taking a product and making it simpler and more affordable, so many more people have […]