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We are a Consulting firm specialized in guiding international students through the admissions process of top MBA Programs. Founded in 2011, our results speak for themselves: above 90% candidate approval in schools such as Harvard Business School, Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), London Business School, Duke (Fuqua School of Business), Cornell (Johnson Graduate School of Management), and Kellogg School of Management.

We are different because in our exclusive 360Coaching services we will work with a limited number of clients in the 2016 cycle. Our small size allows for in-depth, tailored coaching. We believe that our work not only serves the purpose of landing a seat at a top school, but also contributes to shaping your life story and drawing future strategies and possibilities.

Win-Win: At TopMBA Coaching, we work with the candidate and up to 20% of our fees are paid only if we can celebrate your approval with you, at one of the top schools you chose to apply to. 


Through the admissions process of schools such as Harvard Business School, University of Michigan, London School of Economics, University of Toronto & Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, we have been in your shoes. We have personally experienced first-hand the complex and exhausting processes required to secure a place in such prestigious programs. But we also know that thriving through the challenge and landing that long-dreamed admissions offer is extremely fulfilling. Studying in world-renowned institutions can truly be a transformative experience.

That is why we work as guides, helping you to design the roadmap of your personal and professional life abroad.

We work together to tell your story in the most authentic and impactful way. You will have access to proprietary materials that will make you think deeply about your experiences, values and motivations – a reflection that is useful for years to come and, most importantly, that will help develop your self-awareness so you can leave your (unique) mark in the world. Yes, we do care about this. We like to think we are helping the future leaders of the world who, having the MBA as a stepping-stone, will change the society – for the better.   

We’ve been there, done that

  • What are the right schools for me?

    We analyze your profile through a questionnaire developed during our 2 years in Harvard, and together identify 4 to 5 schools that match your qualifications and goals.

  • POWERFUL essays

    Brainstorming for essays, prompted through a workbook specially designed to facilitate self-reflection and extract the truest and most authentic picture of who you are.

  • Recommendation letters, extracurricular activities???

    We work together to identify the most appropriate recommenders and highlight your strongest extracurricular activities.

  • Filling out the application seems confusing…

    We help you fill out the application and guide you through prioritizing what is sometimes an excessive amount of information.

  • I was invited for the interview… now what?

    Practice, practice, practice! We will do as many tailored mock interviews as needed to ensure that your performance at the day of the interview is the best possible.

  • I was accepted! Yeahhh!

    CELEBRATE! And prepare to embark on a transformational experience!


Roberto Blum

“I recommend TopMBA Coaching with no reservations!”

Roberto BlumWharton, Class of 2015
Joanna Jardim

“Their work is excellent, completely tailored to your needs! The consultants are always available to clarify every doubt and question.”

Joanna JardimDuke Fuqua School of Business, Class of 2015
Jorge Stegmann

“I would praise their flexibility, commitment and particularly, the success fee, which I think is what sets TopMBA Coaching apart from other names in the market (it clearly shows their commitment to results)”

Jorge StegmannLondon Business School, Class of 2015


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